The Vanity Vixxen: Style Collective

Basic Mix.

Hey Vixxens! Yesterday on Facebook I wrote a post about one of my favorite color combinations being Black and White. The combo is so versatile and I find myself grabbing basic black and white pieces when I’m not really looking for anything specific. I LOVE nothing more than transitional pieces that can be paired with different textures and fabrics. I love the casual chic look as opposed to dressy chic (day to day). This Style was also created with the thought of one of my followers from Facebook in mind. She mentioned she will be traveling soon so I used that as inspiration to help her travel in style!

  • Faux Leather Jacket- Great outwear piece to enhance overall look. Moto/Biker styles are trending
  • Flannel Shirt-Can be tied around waist for style or layered on top of a plain shirt, camisole, tank
  • Distressed Denim- Can be paired with many shoe styles to create desired look. (Heels, Boots, Kicks etc)
  • Black Denim- Great for casual looks, can also be paired with many shoe styles


One thought on “The Vanity Vixxen: Style Collective

  1. Having a go to color or color scheme is so great because you can literally have millions of options just off those colors. My scheme s beige/nude, black, mauve, grey and olive.


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