Fall Fashion Flashback // 2014


Hey Vixxens! So, I wanted to share this photo of me from last fall 2014 (Before I started a Style Blog). I literally threw this outfit together in maybe 10 minutes. Its very simple and basic and I had some errands to run in the city so didn’t think much of it. ( I was actually going to pick up my check from work so I just wanted to get out the door!)

Once I took this picture on the side of my brick building, I knew I really wanted to take OOTD pics and post to my blog (whenever I would actually start one). The texture and color was an amazing backdrop especially because I’d describe my style as edgy, chic.

I guess, I’m really posting this picture to inspire myself all over again to really get “dressed” (with some effort) and get outside and snap some pics!

  • Jacket-Lord and Taylor //$23 (full price-$160) (used employee discount when I worked there!)
  • Shirt//Rainbow//$7
  • Faux Leather Leggings//Nordstrom Rack (Jessica Simpson)//$10
  • Purse//Macys//$60 (gift from Mommy)
  • Necklace//Shades-Rainbow//$10
  • Boots//Target//$40
  • Lipstick//MAC-Heroine//$14

I am DEFINATELY a Bargain shopper and FRUGAL’NISTA so if you were under the impression you had to buy labels and spend your whole check just to be stylish… you are doing something a little… wrong!



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