The Vanity Vixxen: Style Collective

Basic Blackout

Hey Vixxens! So with Fall among us and being my FAVORITE season to play with my wardrobe, I decided to create a simple all black look. Now, if your like me and limited with funds, don’t worry, we can still be fashionably chic on a budget.


  • Faux Leather Biker/Moto Jacket– Can transform any outfit, dressy or casual. The key is finding one that looks of quality and has great detail/hardware. You can literally find one anywhere, NO EXCUSES.
  • Black Jeans– A must have in any fashionistas wardrobe. Hard denim is so effortless and can be paired in so many ways to make a style vome together. You can simply add a rip at the knees for a edge appeal.
  • Black Sweater– Sweater weather is here so a black sweater especially, is a great piece to start with when creating multiple styles and outfits for fall. A thin knit sweater is a great choice because it can be layered and the material is breathable (especially when wearing under that cute moto jacket)
  • Black Booties– Every closet should have a pair of black booties. period. I like a plain bootie with a chunky heel and rubber bottom to give that edgy, casual (easier to walk in) vibe. What I love about this bootie pictured above is it can be worn with tights and a skirt/dress, jeans, leggings, pants etc because its more of a casual style.
  • Accessories– (Scarf, Fedora, Jewelry) Whatever your style is, pick pieces that can be easily worn with different styles/outfits. A simple gold watch can be worn with a dressy and casual look. The same applies to the purse. A black purse is an essential in any closet for obvious reasons but go for a style that is both stylish and chic with great hardware.

Hope this helped you think about the essential pieces needed in your wardrobe to create a basic all black look for fall!



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