The Vanity Vixxen: Style Collective

Hey Vixxens! I am so excited for the endless possibilities of stylish options for fall fashion! I created this look with simple, casual and transitional pieces. I love the functionality of Key pieces that can be transitioned into other seasons so that you aren’t constantly buying new items to build your wardrobe.

Im not saying that this has to be the only styling option in which you wear these pieces, I just like to give ideas of how you can take something so simple and add other elements with it to create a look of your own.

Lets dissect these basic pieces and talk about how you can mix and match

  1. Fedora– Hats are great for messy hair days as well as bringing your whole look together cohesively. Play with different style and colors (especially for the fall).
  2. Outerwear-Jackets and Coats are a must have in fall fashion. On a cold brisk day, a fly outwear piece will transform the most casual outfit. If your not into color, Black is always great but Camel is trending and can be easily transitioned.
  3. Denim Shirt-Jean/Chambray shirts are so versatile, everyone should own one or two (in different shades) to dress up or down. A nice structured denim shirt can for the office or a softer fabric like this could transform an outfit like this and add a little edge.
  4. Black Jeans-A great fitted pair of jeans can be worn with heels and or combat boots. They are great for creating multiple looks and playing with style as you transitioned from season to season. A nice rip at the knee gives an edgy vibe as well. (totally my style)
  5. Black Bag-Self Explanatory. Who doesn’t need a Black Bag in their possession?
  6. Kicks-Sneakers are a go-to because of comfort and when they are trendy and stylish, you win. These Adidas Superstars are great for a casual look but adding other elements to the outfit can make them really stand out. Loving them and Lusting for a pair.


Hope you are ready to revamp your fall wardrobe as much as I am and remember to focus on simple, basic pieces as your foundation to build from. I’m on a budget and also go for comfort so I would rock this like I’m wearing heels. Same kind of confidence need apply.


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