Boston Fashion Week.

I had a goal (sometime last year) that I had written in my journal to: Attend Boston Fashion Week. Although, New York Fashion Week is the “Bees Knees” where fashionistas from all over the world make it their business to attend, that was not a reality for me. I have 2 children and dropping priorities to go have the time of my life, possibly go to brunch with really fashionable people and discuss life goals and fashion (sound AMAZING) I knew for me, it wasn’t gonna happen. At least not this year so… my thought process shifted and because I’m a Bostonian, born and raised in Boston, Boston Fashion Week was the next best thing.PicsArt_10-05-08.10.24

Although living in the city for 29 years, I had never known of Boston Fashion Week until I was looking for networking opportunities as I consider myself as a Blogger. I knew I needed to be more involved with events that would allow me to learn and meet like-minded people so after stalking the Boston Fashion Week website and Facebook page, sending countless emails and writing comments (that never received a response), I decided I wanted to volunteer and really be apart of the experience of it all. Now a year ago when I learned about BFW, my original goal was to volunteer but I also made sure that in case I didn’t get that opportunity, I would buy tickets to the shows (that were affordable) and at least attend so I could bask in the ambiance and feel like I’m in the know.PicsArt_10-05-08.18.38

I continued to express my interest on the Boston Fashion Week Facebook page until one day I seen a post about volunteering! Oh Em Gee! This was it! The sign I’ve been searching for! It was like the gates opened up and invited me into fashion heaven. I followed the directions given in the post and sure enough my persistence paid off… I mean I finally received a response back!

I think I cried and did a happy dance because after writing a goal and finally (being chosen), I mean being able to put a check next to it was so gratifying. I can’t remember the last time I set goals and actually accomplished them. I’m not talking making a grocery list and sticking to it or having an appointment and actually showing up without rescheduling, I’m talking “Life Goals”. The kind of goals you write in your journal to support your vision and ambition. See the difference? Once I started pursuing my passion, goals were more attainable because I wanted more of this “thing” that would allow me to creatively live my dreams. (More about Passion Projects in my next blog post.)PicsArt_10-05-08.03.55

I attended the Volunteer Meeting for Boston Fashion Week and felt so proud! I couldn’t believe I would be behind the scenes and in the know! (Remember, I’m just a girl who had planned on sitting in the audience. Somehow, I became the girl showing the guests to their seats in the audience.)

My experience was nothing short of AMAZING! I met so many talented Fashion Designers, Stylists, MUA’s, Fashion Directors, Models, Production Staff, Photographers etc. I even connected with some of the girls that volunteered and they were so kind in encouraging me to take as many pictures needed for my Blog. I thought that was so sweet and never thought I’d have strangers supporting me or The Vanity Vixxen. I mingled, networked, connected and swapped information with people I would have never met if not for the opportunity of being involved with Boston Fashion Week.PicsArt_10-05-08.29.58

As I pursue a passion of mine to establish myself as a Stylist, Volunteering for BFW was the highlight of my future career.. I am so humbled, encouraged and inspired by this whole experience and I cannot wait to contribute to my cities future runway shows. While a part of the team, I was a registration specialist (checking in attendees & guests), preparation staff (setting up props), and as a dresser (dressing models, assisting with quick changes, touch-ups). I volunteered under the supervision of the creative director for the weeks long events that made BFW such an amazing production in the city of Boston. She was very assertive, efficient and knowledgeable and I only hope to have impressed her enough to hopefully get another volunteer opportunity at one of her shows. She was amazing and I admire her greatly.

I had the time of my life and as a mom of 2, the nights I volunteered for the runway shows I was so free. I freed myself of doubts about my styling abilities, I opened my mind about other projects and opportunities I would love to take on and I claimed my piece of the fashion pie and swirled some whipped cream on top just to make it extra sweet. Basically I dreamt it, believed it and accomplished it. Here are some photos from the events.

PicsArt_10-05-08.25.27 PicsArt_10-05-07.54.57PicsArt_10-05-08.27.21


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